A gallery of View-Master* and other 3-D Products

We are not experts in this field. To answer numerous questions visitors to our site have asked, we have assimilated some examples of the products we have acquired over the past few years. You may find them useful for identification. We have also borrowed some non-copyrighted images from various places on the Web and plan to add more background information as time permits.
Most items pictured here have been sold but feel free to browse our catalog for those we still have for sale. (Follow links above)

35mm Cameras, Projectors and viewers

Tru Vue Slides

Tru Vue Viewers

View-Master Reels

View-Master Projectors, Viewers and accessories

Sawyer's became the View-Master Co. which later was acquired by GAF

* View-Master is now a registered trademark of the Fisher-Price Co.

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