Arizona Sounds Volume 1

Side One
Early Peas
Long Day   (C. Cutter)                                       3:07

Custer's Last Band Crazy Bass   (S. Reichert)                             3:58

Shep Cooke Roller Coaster Ride  (W Cooke)               2:35

The Bob Meighan Band From Who   (B. Meighan)                                      3:23

Joe Bethancourt Snakes & Cactus   (J Bethancourt)                  3:05

Fairweather'46 Plymouth Rag   (J. Stay)                 1:48


Side Two

Duane Davenport The North of Arizona   (D. Davenport)               3:28

The Normal Brothers Fiddler & The Gambler  (K Skaggs)         2:58

Hans Olson Early In The Morning   (H Olson)                 3:18

Dusty Chaps Keep Your Hands Off Her Stranger (She's With Me)           (G Hawke)                  2:19

The Fabulous Air Brothers No Regrets   (J. Tempchin)                            3:05

Fester Plugg & The Stilt Chickens Stilt Chicken's Theme Song (G Gilman)   3:31


KDKB Radio has always taken an interest in local artists featuring their music both on tape and in live "on the air" broadcasts. Not surprisingly, we have discovered that there is a lot of fine talent in our state, and audience response has confirmed our suspicions - so much so that "Arizona Sounds" has become a reality.

"Arizona Sounds" is the result of a talent search which began on KDKB and ultimately blanketed the state of Arizona. Some of the artists on this album have appeared on KDKB many times before, others are being featured here for the first time anywhere. Some are well known to others but new to KDKB. others are new, period. All in all, we have tried to compile a fair representation of the music of Arizona. Thanks are due to Rick, Will, and Gary of Tangent Systems, who lent their talent and facilities to this project, and to the many musicians and artists who took the time to enter our contest. "Arizona Sounds" will be an ongoing effort of KDKB, and if your response is great enough, it could become an annual project of the station.

C. Dwight Tindle. Chairman Dwight-Karma Broadcasting Co

Early Peas

From the land of low riders and green chile come Early Peas - previously known as Chuck Cutter and Mark Myers. For Arizona Sounds, Early Peas are assisted by Paul Macri on Bass and John Russell on drums - they've done a lot of session work together in the Los Angeles Area. Chris Darrow produced the song and plays lead guitar.

Custer's Last Band

Custer's Last Band originated in the Philadelphia area with Skip Reichert (5-string banjo, guitar bass and vocals) and George Pacion (guitar, mandolin and vocals) who. as a duo and in bands, have been playing together for more than six years. John Hellman (guitar, bass, flute and vocals) is a native Phoenician who joined forces with Skip and George two years ago. later complimented by Tom Benton on drums, of Phoenix via Chicago. John "Wires" Tracy of Provo, Utah is the group's full time sound man

Shep Cooke

As a member of the legendary "Stone Poneys". Shep Cooke performed with Linda Ronstadt for several years - from high school days through network TV appearances on Joey Bishop and Johnny Carson. Shep has done guitar and vocal work on major album releases by Tom Waits, the Floating House Band and Linda Ronstadt as well as featured solo act appearances in concerts with Roger Miller, Marty Robbins, Tanya Tucker, Tom Waits, John David Souther and others. The drums on Roller Coaster Ride are played by Lenny Lopez of the "Dusty Chaps" (courtesy of Capitol Records). Shep plays everything else.

Bob Meighan Band

If you're wondering why a cut by the Bob Meighan Band is included on an album reserved for local talent; the answer is simple. Despite the fact they now record for Capitol Records and live in Los Angeles, they still consider themselves an Arizona Band.

There have been so many shared experiences over the last seven years that the connection between the band and everyone in Arizona is a very personal one.

There have been some changes these days the Meighan Band, which has been changing all along, now seems to be taking a turn for the funkier. There's still Bob on guitar, vocals and songwriting; David Dodt on guitar and vocals; Dick Furlow playing bass (he even plays saxophone on the song included here); Milt Miller drumming and Richard Howard behind the keyboards.

Arizona was the first to enjoy their music and it's only right that Arizona have a little taste of the next Capitol album before it is released, in August, to the rest of the world.

Joe Bethancourt

Joe Bethancourt was born in 1946 in El Paso. His family has lived in Arizona since the 1880's. but his dad was in the service at the time of his birth. Joe was raised mostly in North Carolina, where he picked up a lot of mountain ballads and learned a lot from relatives in the Ozarks.

He's mainly into what could be called, progressive mountain music, or perhaps. " The Gonzo' of mountain music."


As the name implies. "Fairweather." an acoustic trio based in the Phoenix area and formed in the spring of 1975, has designed its music to be bright and colorful as well as light and airy. Members David Ridolfi. and Jeff Stay on guitars with Peter Bellew on bass strive for distinctness in their presentation, whether playing pure folk, country or folk-rock. '46 Plymouth Rag is a bluegrass number - written by Jeff - and a true tale about his love and frustrations with his relic of a car - which by the way is currently running.

Duane Davenport

Raised in the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas. Duane Davenport migrated to the Ponderosa forests of Northern Arizona six years ago. Since that time. Duane has been writing songs and playing - clubs throughout Arizona, as well as California, Idaho, Oregon and the rest of the west. He is joined by Jerry Korkki (pedal steel and bass), Dale Cadell (rhythm and lead guitars), Ron Livingston (synthesizer, strings and percussion), Bert Campbell (drums) and Patti Davenport (background vocals).

Normal Brothers

The Normal Brothers originated in the summer of 1973 playing traditional Bluegrass music. From this style they have evolved to include elements of country, swing and country rock. The band consists of Steve Thomas. Kenny and Russ Skaggs. and Jackson Huffman. Thanks to Ron Rutowski on fiddle and Bill Sink on drums.

Hans Olson

Hans Olson has a unique style of playing music With just his acoustic guitar and harmonica Hans has been playing his folk, blues, and rock n' roll dance music for honkytonk audiences, in Arizona, since 1969.

He writes songs that cover every different style of music that he plays.

Dusty Chaps

The Dusty Chaps have been playing music together since the summer of 1969. After establishing a loyal Tucson following, they've become well known statewide, resulting in a recording contract and their first national album release on Capitol Records in March of 1977. The Dusty Chaps are: Red Davidson (piano, accordion. tuba). Bill Emrie (fiddle, alto sax). George Hawke (bass). Leonardo Lopez (drums, percussion), Pat McAndrew (guitar), Ted Hockenbury (pedal steel guitar, banjo), Peter Gierlach (vocals, accordion) and Steve Solomon (tenor, alto and soprano saxes, organ).

The Fabulous Air Brothers

The nucleus of the Fabulous Air Brothers, their three lead guitars (Chris Drake, acoustic guitar; Greg White. 2nd lead guitar; Glenn McKinny. bass) have played together throughout the Southwest for the past seven years. Late last year they joined up with Tucson's Rich Cavanaugh (lead guitar) and Chuck Surface (keyboards) and San Diegan Paul Nichols (drums). The band is currently living in Tucson and is the house band at the Pawnbroker Restaurant and Music Hall.

Fester Plugg & The Stilt Chickens

Fester Plugg & The Stilt Chickens is George Gilman. The Stilt Chicken's Theme Song was recorded by George at home with the use of various instruments and a four-track home recorder.

Art Direction. Lee Masters
Cover Illustration, Steve Randock

© Dwight-Karma Broadcasting Co. 1977 All Rights Reserved