Sohio News Page 1 May 1950

Judges Announce Winners of Sohio's Anniversary Contest

Honor Award Winners

Each of the following members of the Sohio family won honorable mention and was awarded a $25 government savings bond.


GENEVA G. TAYLOR, senior clerk, Crude Purchasing Department, Evansville, Indiana.

ADAM SIERPUTOWSKI, senior service station operator, Cleveland Division.

EDWARD T. NELSON, ledger clerk, Sales Accounting, Home Office.

ALBERT E. SCHEIBLE, buyer engineer, Purchasing, Home Office.

WILLIAM P. SHONTZ, technical specialist, Latonia Refinery.

L. R. SITES, bulk station clerk, Marion Division.

G. E. TILLEY, seismic clerk, Sohio Petroleum Co., Houston, Texas.

STEPHEN B. SIMON, budget statistician. Home Office.

WALTER A. RUTKOWSKI, assistant senior accounting clerk. No. One Refinery.

ELSIE V. MERRICK, engineer, Manufacturing, Home Office.

HOWARD M. WILLIAMS, Jr., senior service station operator, Cleveland Division.


MRS. R. V. KENNEDY, wife of R. V. Kennedy, resident pumper, Sohio Petroleum Co., Russell, Kansas.

MRS. KATHERINE S. STOLL, wife of Donald C. Stoll, chief process engineer. Lima Refinery.

MRS. PATRICIA E. BRUBAKER, wife of Vernon P. Brubaker, Jr., instrument man. Lima Refinery.

MRS. ATLEE GRAY, wife of Atlee Gray, assistant service station manager, Canton Division.

MRS. HARRY W. WILBERT, wife of Harry W. Wilbert, utilities clerk, Toledo Refinery.


MARLENE BENNETT, daughter of E. J. Bennett, field gauger, Sohio Pipe Line Co., Benton, Illinois.

DON THRAILKILL, son of L. Thrailkill, salesman, Marion Division.

CHARLES PATTON, son of ]. B. Patton, area foreman, Sohio Western Pipeline, Inc.

BILL BRAMLEY, son of G. A. Bramley, land man, Sohio Petroleum Co., Abilene, Texas.

H. H. McCowen

"Who, me?" Howell H. McCowen, Home Office safety engineer, finds it hard to believe he won the $300 offered as first prize in the employees' division of the All-Sohio Anniversary Contest.

Doris Dobish

Doris Dobish, daughter of Wesley Dobish, No. One Refinery welder, and sixth grade student at Moses Cleveland School, may use $200 she won as first prize in children's division for violin lessons.

Mrs. Guy Brown

Mrs. Guy H. Brown, Chillicothe, Ohio, whose husband, Guy H. Brown, is a Portsmouth Division salesman, thinks they'll go on a vacation with the $200 she won as first prize in the wives' division.

Award $1075 in Prizes To 23 Contest Winners

H. H. McCowen, Miss Doris Dobish, Mrs. Guy H. Brown Win Firsts

Howell H. McCowen, Home Office safety engineer, won the $300 first prize in the employees' division; Mrs. Guy H. Brown, Chillicothe, Ohio, wife of Guy H. Brown, Portsmouth Division salesman, won the $200 first prize in the wives' division; and Doris Dobish, sixth grade student at Moses Cleveland School, and daughter of Wesley Dobish, No. 1 Refinery welder, captured the $200 first prize in the children's division of the All-Sohio Anniversary Contest. Honorable mention prizes consisting of $25 government savings bonds were awarded 20 others.

Finalist judges of the $1075 contest were Paul Bellamy, editor of The Cleveland Plain Dealer, Warren Baker, editor of World Oil magazine, and Elmer L. Lindseth, president of the Cleveland Electric Illuminating Company. All three judges spoke enthusiastically about the high merit of contestants' responses.

A total of 1329 answered the contest call which asked for personal opinions on what Sohio should do to maintain its position as a recognized leader in the highly competitive petroleum industry.

This response included: 793 employees and annuitants; 401 wives or husbands of employees, and 135 employees' children.

HOWELL H . McCOWEN. who won first place among employees, had a difficult time accepting his success. Notified by Editor Frances Kenney on the day final results were received from the judges, "Mac" reached quickly for a chair. "You aren't spoofing me now, are you?" he said with an uncertain grin.

"What'll I do with the money? Might put it into Sohio stock. Dunno. Can't think of a better place for it. I'll have to talk that over with my wife. Only got a short time to go until retirement. Perhaps we'll put it away toward that day.

"No, I never entered any other contests. Only thing I ever won was 2 pair of gloves, a door prize, at a service pin party.

"How did I happen to enter? Did you ever know an Irishman who wouldn't speak up when you gave him a chance to say a few words?

"I thought the contest was a really good idea ... It gave every employee an opportunity to say what he was thinking about the future of Sohio. Probably a lot of people out around the field get ideas, but don't seek out an opportunity to present them.

"No, my wife didn't enter. She didn't believe that I would win. Fact is, neither did I.

"When I saw that story in the News about the judges, I was disappointed not to learn about

the winners. It seemed to me it was taking a long time for them to make a decision.

"Did you say I got first prize? You better tell me again, just to make me feel certain."

CALLED BY LONG DISTANCE telephone, Mrs. Guy H. Brown, winner of first place among wives, answered with:

"Oh, my goodness! This is wonderful. How much? $200!

"This is the first time I ever won anything in my life.

"We'll probably use it for a vacation. It is a long time since we have had a vacation, and I told my husband, if I win we'll take a nice vacation."

Mr. and Mrs. Brown have one daughter, Joan, 16 years old. All three entered the contest because Mr. Brown urged them to try. They all sat down around the dining room table and each wrote an answer.

"Will they be surprised when they hear / won," Mrs. Brown said. "1 didn't think mine was as good as theirs.

"I'm going to tell my daughter first, and then my husband when he comes home tonight.

"Won't he be surprised!

"Yes, it seems like a long time since we entered. But I hadn't forgotten about it.

"Thank you very much."

DORIS DOBISH'S UNLUCKY DAY turned into a lucky one when she answered Frances Kenney's telephone call.

Doris had just returned home from school. She was heartbroken and close to tears, for earlier she had lost a city-wide spelling contest by one word.

She had difficulty understanding that Miss Kenney was calling about The Sohio News contest, because she thought it was a judge calling with some kind of correction on the spelling contest. Her sorrow turned to joy as soon as she understood that she had won the $200 first prize in the children's division.

"Oh, that's wonderful," she said. "Daddy will be so glad. I'm happy, too, I don't care now about losing the spelling contest.

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