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Mount Graham is the largest mountain in the Pinaleno Range of south eastern Arizona. Located a few miles southwest of Safford, Arizona, it has been the location of many controversies in the recent past. Construction of large telescopes have threatened the wildlife and Native American cultural connections to the mountain.

Mount Graham, Arizona and surrounding area

Dan Dotson
July, 2001

P7110589 P7110590 P7110594 P7110595 P7110601 P7110602 P7110603 P7110605
P7110606 P7110607 P7110608 P7110609 P7110610 P7110611 P7110612 P7110613
P7110614 P7110615 P7110616 P7110617 P7110618 P7110619 P7110620 P7110621