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This pamphlet from the Canyon de Chelly National Monument explains the rock art found here. For more background on the site, visit the National Park Service website.


Canyon de Chelly and Route 191 south

Dan Dotson
May, 2004

P5160001 P5160002 P5160004 P5160005 P5160006 P5160007
P5160009 P5160011 P5160012 P5160014 P5160015 P5160016
P5160017 P5160018 P5160019 P5160020 P5160021 P5160022
P5160023 P5160024 P5160025 P5160026 P5160027 P5160028
P5170029 P5170030 P5170031 P5170032 P5170034 P5170036